Terms and Conditions

Lost Tickets

All tickets are delivered electronically via email which we refer to an eTicket. Please be prepared to present a printed version of your eTicket or an electronic copy of the ticket, say on your mobile phone.  Each eTicket has a unique security code. This code acts as your ticket number for the event. In the event you do not receive your eTicket via email, or if there is any question about your eligibility, be prepared to provide another form of identification such as a driver’s license or the credit card which the ticket was purchased.

Transfer of Tickets

You can transfer your eTicket to someone else prior to the event. We treat the eTicket as a bearer instrument.

Seating and attending as a Group

We guarantee that everyone who has purchased a ticket will be able to attend and be seated at the event. Depending on the event format we may not be able to keep everyone in their party together. It may be necessary to separate large groups into smaller ones or have individuals sit with others at a shared table. However, we make every effort to accommodate people and ensure that their party can be kept together. Help us help you and contact us at least 24 hours in advance at info@ThePotteryFactory.com or at 203-885-0100 of any seating arrangements you would like to have. We cannot guarantee it but we can usually make it happen.

Refunds and Exchanges

There are no refunds or exchanges and all sales are final. We realize that a situation may arise that would prohibit a patron from attending an event for which tickets have already been purchased.  If you are unable to attend an event please call 203-885-0100 or e-mail info@ThePotteryFactory.com prior to the event taking place.  Once your situation has been reviewed, we will make a determination, on a case-by-case basis, as to how to handle the transaction.

Participation in any Adult or Children Events

It is the intent of The Pottery Factory LLC to provide a creative, safe, productive and positive learning environments for all clients. This includes eliminating disruptive behavior so that all participating clients can enjoy their time in the store.  Disruptive behavior will not be condoned and I understand and allow The Pottery Factory LLC to determine on their own if myself or my child must be removed from any participating event because of disruptive behavior.

I understand that if myself or my child participates in any event at The Pottery Factory and I agree to RELEASE from LIABILITY, INDEMNIFY and HOLD HARMLESS The Pottery Factory, LLC, its owners, employees and all persons participating at The Pottery Factory will not be held liable for any damages or injuries caused by any activity participated by myself or my child.   I understand also that I, or my child, do not have to participate in any activity that I do not feel is in my/his/her best interest.

Photographs and Video

I understand that The Pottery Factory, LLC reserves the right to photograph or video individuals present in these events,  classes, and throughout the store.  Photography and video taken on premises may be used in a promotional capacity including but not limited to print materials, web site, print, social media, online or out of home media and other medium now or later developed.

Any other concerns or questions?

Please address any additional questions you may have prior to purchase. You can contact us at info@ThePotteryFactory.com or at 203-885-0100.