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Earn Painting Perks

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Our Painting Perks program is a rewards program that you earn Perks points.

Reach 10 Perks and you get a FREE night of painting!  Get the full details on the program below.

The Program
What is the Painting Perks Program?
The Painting Perks Program is a customer reward program that allows you to earn “perk points” for Painting Perk-eligible events you attend at our store.   When you sign up online you accumulate Perks.   Once you have accumulated enough perk points they are automatically traded in for you as an online gift certificate.
What is a Painting Perks Account?
It is a FREE user account to be used with the Painting Perks Program which you create either by registering and logging in via your social media account (i.e. Facebook) or using your email address.   A Painting Perks account allows you to track your purchase history on our website while remaining enrolled in our Painting Perks program to earn perks.
Do I need to purchase anything to create a Perks Account?
Not at all!  A Painting Perks account is FREE.  You can create a Painting Perks Account by clicking on “MY ACCOUNT” to start an account for yourself.
Is there some type of membership or punchcard needed?
No.  The Painting Perks program and your account are handled strictly online.   There are no cards to track or maintain.
If I have problem or additional questions, who do I contact?
It is best to send an email to and someone from our office will assist you.
Perks & Rewards
How do I earn Painting Perks?
When you sign up for an event on our website Painting Perks are awarded to you automatically.
How do I redeem my Painting Perks?
When you earn enough Perks they are automatically redeemed for you into an online product/gift certificate.  Login to your Perks account on our website and view your “Perks” TAB.  This tab will explain in detail how many Painting Perks you will need before your Painting Perks will automatically be redeemed and reward you as a product/gift certificate.
My Perks have been redeemed. How do I use my certificate?
Login to your Perks account on our website and view your “Coupon/Credits” TAB.  This tab will have any of your rewarded product/gift certificates.   Click on one of the certificates to apply it to your cart, or pick your product/gift certificate to use during your checkout.
Are there any restrictions on how many Perks I can earn?
No.  There are currently no limits on the number of Painting Perks you can earn.  Perks will automatically redeem themselves into product/gift certificates.  There are also no limits on the number of product/gift certificates that you can accumulate.
Can I transfer Perks to someone else?
No.  Painting Perks are stored with your account.  They cannot be combined or transferred to anyone else.
Will I still receive Perks if I receive a voucher or a refund?
No.  You forfeit your Painting Perks earnings for any event if you receive a refund or a voucher for that event.
Can I earn Painting Perks on every event?
No.  Some events will not earn you Painting Perks, such as specially discounted events or fundraisers.   If an event will earn you Painting Perks it will clearly be displayed on the event itself and on the checkout screen.
Do Perks or certificates expire?
You can earn Painting Perks at any rate and any unredeemed Perks do not expire.  Once your Perks have been redeemed and you have been rewarded a product/gift certificate, your certificate will be valid for one(1) year from the date of redemption.
Are there any other terms and conditions?
Please visit our Terms & Conditions page for the full details on the Painting Perks program.

Create an account and earn your Perks!