$5 HOME DELIVERY for any Order over $25 in select Westchester and Danbury-Areas!  FREE curbside pickup in CT only.

Pottery TO-GO!

Build a Pottery TO-GO box and have the fun of painting at home.

Pottery TO-GO

Pottery TO-GO

Pickup a box at our location or have it Shipped & Delivered directly to you

It’s the fun of REAL pottery painting at home! Keep them busy at home making a great, treasured gift you will definitely remember for years to come!  

Everything is included and is either available for curbside pickup (where available) or shipped & delivered to you at home.

We include ceramics, pottery glaze & brushes! Once completed, return your item to be fired to make it super shiny and FOOD SAFE!

Browse & seach through hundreds of items.  Build a TO-GO box and have it delivered to your door.


All of our mugs will be kiln-fired and become food safe!

Home Goods

Something for the kitchen, bath, and every place of your home.


Collectibles, animals of all shapes and kids and much more.

Plates & Bowls

So easy to get creative.  All that’s missing  in the end is the food!

Banks & Boxes

It’s where fun meets function! Hold your treasures and secrets safe.

It all starts in the shop!