Junior Jewelry Badge


Booking your troop is easy!  Purchase just one seat for a scout to secure your date and come make simple glass fused jewelry with us.

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girl-scout-glass-jewlery-400Your troop will have ton’s of FUN and complete all the requirements of the Junior Jewelry Badge.

  • Make jewelry with glass – Each girl will get to create two(2) GLASS PENDANTS.  We have stringers, noodles, frit, sheet glass and pebbles.  Never knew that glass had so many different names? We’ll explain all the different types of glass and how they can be used to create a fabulous pendant your girls will be proud to wear.
  • Get to know the tools of the trade – To earn this badge your girls are going to learn how to score and cut glass and arrange it to make their two(2) pendant necklaces.  We’ll learn talk about safety when using these tools and working with glass.
  • Create jewelry inspired by another culture –  A badge requirement!  A cartouche is an oval circle with a name written within. Ancient Egyptians placed cartouche amulets in the tombs of members of the royal family.  Your girls will draw out their own cartouche to phonetically code their name.
  • Turn every day objects into jewelry – A badge requirement!  It’s time to upcycle!  We’re going to create paper beads out of old magazines and then string them on some cord to create a cool necklace.  We guarantee that each one will be unique!

Total time for this activity is around 1.5 hours.


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