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Seascapes Holiday Edition


You are crafting your very own Seascape Holiday Edition on a beautiful white 10×13 frame, sealed in crystal art resin.  This kit includes:

  • Your choices of glass, rocks, shells, pebbles, seashells and starfish
  • All the necessary supplies and materials, including resin to build the project at home
  • A step-by-step instruction video with great pro Seascape tips!


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Get started customizing your Seascape Holiday Edition!

Choose your Primary/Main Color

Pick one main project color. You will receive one- 5oz container which will provide enough to build your entire tree, which is about 60% coverage. Choose below.

Secondary Colors

Pick two (2) secondary color combos. You’ll receive two 1/2 oz containers each of this material, enough to work as a secondary color on project. Pick 2 colors below.

Accent Rocks Add-On

Add some additional larger accent rocks add-ons 1 oz Container (add $2.50)

Pixie Lights Add-on

One string of Pixie Cork Light add-on to be used to light up behind your tree. (add $3.00)

Starfish, Seashells and Glitter glass included!

We’ll provide you a collection of shells, one starfish and a sprinkling of glitter glass (snow effect) per kit.  If you have your own seashells you are welcome to use them!
Seashells and Starfish

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Our Seascape Holiday Edition brings the beauty of the sea into the Holidays!  You will craft this project complete with resin to preserve and protect it for years to come.  Your kit includes the following items:

  • Your selected glass, rocks, shells and creative supplies
  • One 10x13 white glass frame
  • 4 oz Resin, mixing cup, straw and stirring stick
  • Protective gloves and protective pad
  • Your Seascape at home box
  • A general step-by-step video guide to help you craft your Seascape at Home with expert tips from our instructors!

You can also add your own beach memorabilia such has shells and rocks from your own family vacations to further personalize your project.   Your project, once fully assembled will become hard-to-touch within 24 hours and can be hung on display.  For safety you will need some protective eye wear when working with resin and to follow the provided manufacture instructions when working with resin at home. Everything is packed extra-safe in a 14 x 14 x 3 box, shipped directly to you or for curbside pickup where available.