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Candle Making


Create a candle  that towers over all others!

This is a major hands-on experience!  You will be creating a beautiful “chunky” candle from our wax supplies and decorative shapes.  You will score, chop and decorate you way to a beautiful candle that is truly one of a kind!

How does candle making work?

Candle making is fun for every age – adults and children alike!  Even if you think you are not crafty you’ll be able to make your own colorful masterpeice.

Here is how it works:

Create it.

Create it

Chop and score your wax into a beautiful design. Use embeds to make it pop!

We pour it.

We pour it

We pour in the hot was and the scent of your choice to bring it together.

You’ll love it!

You’ll love it!

Once cooled down and polished you’ll get to take home a wax masterpiece!




Make it as big and chunky as you want!

,Guests of all ages can create their very own candle with access to a rich variety of colored wax and seasonally-selected scents from the scent wall.

You’ll get a chopping tool, a work tray and other candle materials to ensure an easy, fun and safe experience.  Create designs, use our decorative shapes and the possibilities are endless! Your candle will be hand-poured, wicked and finished by one of our Creative Specialists.

It’s always best to pick up candles the following day but if you can plan for a few hours of cool-down time for your candles you can often take it the same day.  Always check with staff at the counter if they think they can get it cooled & polished for you the same day.


Candle Polishing

You’ll be able to pick any scent you would like from our scent wall or go unscented.  We add the candle scent to the hot wax which holds your chunky candle together.

After a few hours when it has completely cooled one of our Creative Specialist will hand-polish your candle and the candle is buffed to a smooth finish.

This removes any of the marks and imperfections that may have developed during the building or cooling process.

Create your chunky candle your way

Choose from a variety of tin molds and create a candle as big or as small as you like.  Select and create from dozens of color wax and hundreds of shapes.

Have it scented & cooled

Pick your own scent from our scent wall.  Find one that is just right for you – strong, sweet, fun and yummy!  There are over 40+ scents to choose.

We buff and polish it up to perfection!

We’ll remove any sticky imperfections of your candle and have it polished to make those colors pop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really just walk in anytime to create candles?


Yes!  Whenever we are open you can walk-in anytime and create a candle.  No reservations are needed, though we do take them if you are a large group of 7 or more to get everyone seated together.

All locations have seating capacity for over 60+ people, not counting our party spaces either, so getting a seat is really not a problem.

How long should I plan to visit?


This can vary greatly based on your personal creativity and the size of your candle.  In general, if you plan 2 hours for big candles and about an hour+ medium size candles.

You are welcome to take as long as you need to create your candle.  There are no time limits or studio fees.

How much does it cost?


Candle making starts at $19.95 and goes up.  Our most popular candle is our large 2.5lb block (we have over 60 molds of this candle) and it’s used in our parties too!

When can I pickup my project?


After your candle is filled it takes a few hours to cool.

We allways recommend returning the next day to allow your candle to be fully cooled and polished by our Creative Specialists.

If you are traveling to us and can plan in a time a few hours of cooling time, speak to one of our staff members at checkout to see if we can get finished before the end of the same day.

Can I bring in food or drinks into the main studio?


You can bring closed-container drinks and some small, packaged snacks say for the kiddos – in moderation.  Don’t hijack this FAQ to bring in pizza, cakes or even more into the main studio.

If you are trying to celebrate a party with food & drinks consider booking one of our awesome party formats or simply book a private space for your group of 8 or more painting guests.

Come in today!

Walk-in anytime we are open for candle making.  No reservations are required unless you are a large group.