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Junior Jewelry Badge

$20.00 (deposit)

Booking your troop is easy!  Purchase just one seat online today to secure your date and come make beautiful jewelry with us.

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Your troop will have ton’s of fun while working on their jewelry badge requirements!

At $20 per scout, Here’s what’s included:

  • Includes one stainless steel necklace with three (3) interchangeable snap charms
  • Select your colors, mold, blend and buff your colorful polymer clay gemstones
  • All the necessary supplies, tools and stamps to make your necklace one-of-a-kind
  • Projects are instant-fired in our air dry oven and go home with the girls the same day
  • 1.5 hours of creative fun-time
  • 5 scout minimum

Your reservation online is a deposit and is applied to one of your girl’s attendance.

Additional scout activityFAQs and details

Confirming your guest count -  We'll contact you a few days prior just to confirm your headcount.  There are a minimum of 5 scouts required to host an activity.

Adding or removing a scout You will be charged for the minimum of 5 scouts, and approprately for all scouts attending.   You are not charged for a no-show.  You can add scouts the same day of the activity but do try to let us know in adance. .

Troop leaders, Parents and other non-participating guests -  Troop leaders and troop staff are expected to be active and engaged with their troop at all times.   You will need to be active and engaged with your troop at all times helping them with the project and it's connection to the scouting program.   We have limited capacity for extra parents who are not assisting the troop.  So please communicate to the parents that are not helping your troop that this is a drop-off event.  If a parent is going to stay behind they will need to spend their time creating something themselves in the main studio while they wait for the conclusion of the activity.   This is also true of any relatives or siblings that may tag along on the outing.

Snacks, outside food & drinks -    You are welcome to bring other food or snacks along to your party.   We just ask that you do not bring anything that is required to be heated or plugged in, such as a crock pot, for general safety reasons.

Hey there! -   By booking this party you agree to our general terms & conditions at checkout and to the details provided on this page.  Scout activites have a set price for each participating guest.  You can move your troop appointment once 10 days prior to your original date without penalty. Your deposit is fully refunded only on the day of your party or it will be automatically applied to your balance as one of the scouts attending.

Last-minute cancel/rescheduling - If you cancel your activity at any time you will forfit your deposit. We do plan, staff and work in advance to prepare for your scheduled activity.  If you have a last-minute reschedule we will accommodate with a new date but you will be charged an additional party deposit for the new date.