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Pottery Painting


We guarantee you’ll find something fun to create & paint!

With over 300+ items on our shelves there is something for everyone.  Choose from home goods, figurines, banks, mugs, plates, platters, bowls and more!

You’ll select a high-quality ceramic item and pick from a tremendous color selection at our Paint Bar. Add just the right touch using the paints, glazes and tools from the bar.

All paint-your-own pottery items are then kiln-fired to make them super-shiny & 100% food safe!

What is paint your own pottery?

Paint-your-own-pottery is one of the easiest and timeless art crafts to do!  Not only will you get to create something practical and functional to use, you’ll also make amazing memories that will warm your heart and put a smile on your face for decades to come!

Here is how it works:

Paint it.

Paint It

We have hundreds of different type of pottery. Be creative with the one that is just right for you.

We fire it.

We Fire It

We’ll professionally glaze and kiln-fire your piece to make it super shiny and food-safe.

You’ll love it!

You’ll Love It

We’ll clean up, polish, wrap and bag your piece for you within 5 to 7 days. You’ll love how it will look!


All paint-your-own-pottery items are kiln-fired and will be polished & bagged ready to go back home with you within 5-7 days.  We’ll even send you a text message when it’s ready!


Use as many colors as you need, or all 90 of them!

Select your colors from our giant paint bar available in our classic solid colors, speckled and glitter-style glazes, all in unlimited quanities.

We have a large assortment of brushes and pottery painting tools like sponges, dotters and other creative items to help bring your projects to life.

The Paint Bar costs $8.00 to use for the day and is added to the cost of your projects.  Your $8.00 charge will also cover our professional clear-glaze and kiln-firing process too.

Got a group of 5 or more?  Consider getting a Paint Bar Family Fun Pass!  A great option for the frequent painter!

The kiln-firing process

From 1800º for ceramics to 2300º degrees for stoneware, it sure get’s hot in our kiln room!

Your project is precious and it’s now about to take the hottest part of its journey through our production-grade kilns.  This is a major hands-on process for us and every piece counts!

Projects of all shapes and sizes are sorted, carefully loaded and kiln-fired where it will take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours just to reach their max temp and then even longer to cool.

Overall the process can take up to 36 hours before we can safely open the kiln!

All pottery receives an additional clear-glaze

Your finished project will be professionally dipped in our lead-free, 100% food-safe clear glaze to ensure your creation will be complete and safe to use for years to come.

Kiln-Fired to a Shiny Glass finish

Once your project has properly dried it takes a long trip (about 36 hours total) through our production-level kilns and treated at over 1800 degrees!

Polished & wrapped to go home within 5-7 days

After firing we hand-polish each project from any sharp edges and pieces that may develop during the firing process. We’ll then wrap, bag and send you a text message when its ready for pickup!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really just walk-in anytime?


Yes!  Whenever we are open you can walk-in anytime and paint pottery.  No reservations are needed, though we do take them if you are a large group of 7 or more to get everyone seated together.

All locations have seating capacity for over 60+ people, not counting our party spaces either, so getting a seat is really not a problem.

How long should I plan to visit?


This can vary greatly based on your personal creativity and the size of the piece you paint.  In general, if you plan 2.5 hours for adults and 1.5 hours for kids, this is a good average time.

You are welcome to take as long as you need to create your project.  There are no time limits or studio fees.

How much does it cost?


You’ll pay for your paint + pottery seperately. 

It costs $8.00 to use the Paint Bar and that gets added to the items you paint for the day.  Your projects firing is included in the Paint Bar

Pottery costs vary greatly based on the items you pick but for a first-time painter if you budget $25 total for your visit you will have lots of fun and you will be able to choose from lots of different figurines, mugs, small bowls, small dishes and ornaments to paint.

Is my project food safe?


Absolutely.  Unlike those pottery projects you find at craft/big-box stores, ALL of our kiln-fired pottery and glazes are 100% lead-free, food safe!

When can i pickup my project?


After you turn in your project it takes about 5-7 days to go through the kiln-fire process.  We’ll get your mobile number on checkout and send you a text message when your project is complete, bagged and ready to go home with you.

If you miss the text or its been more then 7 days, feel free to give us a call and we can check your status.  

Pottery is held for 90 days only so don’t forget to pickup your project!

Can I bring in food or drinks into the main studio?


You can bring closed-container drinks and some small, packaged snacks say for the kiddos – in moderation.  Don’t hijack this FAQ to bring in pizza, cakes or even more into the main studio.

If you are trying to celebrate a party with food & drinks consider booking one of our awesome party formats or simply book a private space for your group of 8 or more painting guests.

I have pottery I made at school or purchased elsewhere, can you fire it for me?


Sorry, we are a high-volume studio and cannot afford any downtime or risk to our equipment so we cannot fire pottery that is not sourced through us. 

We can suggest you contact your local town Park & Rec. department instead who usually has a kiln or someone who will take personal projects instead.

Come in today! 

Walk-in anytime we are open for paint your own pottery.  Drop in anytime as no reservations required unless you are a large group.