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Candle & Soap Party

$65.00 (deposit)

Mmm…can you smell the goodness?  Celebrate your special day with our Sensational Creation birthday party.   Its just a $65 deposit today to book your party reservation online.

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Number of Guests *

Including guest of honor. Guest count has been adjusted for COVID-19.

Add our Sugar Scrub Sundae Bar *

Make this party even more bubbly! Skip the party bags! Let them visit the Sugar Scrub Sundae bar and take home a Sundae Ice Cream made from soap!

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It smells so good at a Sensational Creations Party!

Starting at $325 for eight guests, here's what's included:

  • Your first eight guests are included in the party price.  Each additional guest is $25
  • Your guests will build a 2.5 pound candle & a cute soap tart
  • We supply birthday-themed paper goods/plasticware for the entire party
  • Pizza slice and Capri Sun/bottled water to help fuel the hungry painters
  • A Happy Birthday Signature Plate for the guest of honor, signed by all the party-goers
  • A dedicated Creative Specialist to host your entire party - from setup to clean up!
  • Up two 1.5 hours of party time
  • Ideal for ages seven (7+) and up

We take care of everything about the party from setup to clean up - you just bring the cake! 

Adding on to your party? You can add additional party options or food choices now or anytime before your party.   See our additional party details below for more information.


Additional party FAQs and details

Pizza & drinks for the party - We will provide one drink and one slice of pizza per guest.  We are able to order by the slice so we plan our food requirements to your exact guest count.  We'll include the pizza for the guests of the party.  Each additional pizza is $20 per large pie (8 slices).  

Birthday cake/cupcakes - You will need to bring your own birthday cake, cupcakes and candles.  If you bring an ice cream cake we have limited refregeration space so please coordinate that with us in advance.

Snacks, outside food & drinks -   You are welcome to bring other food or snacks along to your party.   We just ask that you do not bring anything that is required to be heated or plugged in, such as a crock pot, for general safety reasons.

Allergy requirements - Please let us know if there are any special dietary restrictions needed for your party.  We can also arrange for a gluten-free/dairy-free pizza to be served at an additional charge.

Confirming your guest count - The Guest of Honor is also included in your guest count.  We will confirm your final guest count with you 48 hours in advance of your party.   This is in order to have the proper supplies and food approprately ordered.   We will make several attempts to reach you.   If we are unable to reach you we will plan your party around the original guest count you provide at time of booking and you will be charged accordingly.

Adding on guests Each additional guest attending the party is $25.  This will cover their participation in the party along with any food and drinks that we serve.  You can add guests the same day of the party, and we will do our very best to coordinate their food in time but we cannot guarantee it.  Please confirm your additional headcount in advance.

No-shows - If you have provided us a guest count past the party minimum and then have more than two(2) no-shows to the party we will charge an $5 no-show fee instead of their $25 attendance.  This is to simply to cover the expense of food, materials and preperation for that guest that ultimately did not show.

Parents and other non-participating guests - Space is limited!  Please communicate to parents of your participating guests that this is a drop-off event.  We have limited capacity for extra parents.  You are welcome to have one or two parents assist you with your party but we find parties work best when mom and dad of the guests have left.  If a parent is going to stay behind they will need to spend their time creating something themselves in the main studio while they wait for the conclusion of the party.   This is also true of any relatives that maybe joining you.


Tipping is greatly appreciated! Our instructors will work hard at your party to help deliver a truly fun experence,  Tipping you party host(s) is great appreciated. "How much...” you ask?   Usually a %15 for children's parties.  While this is not required you will find that your party host(s) will work harder for you then the average waiter or waitress at a restaurant.  Again, they will truly appretiate it!


Hey there! -   By booking this party you agree to our general terms & conditions at checkout and to the details provided on this page.  Parties have a set price for up to the first eight guests, .  You can move your party once 10 days prior to your original date without penalty. Deposits are non-refundable and your deposit will be automatically applied to the remaining party balance which is due at the end of your party.

Last-minute cancel/rescheduling - We do plan, staff and work in advance to prepare for your scheduled party.  If you cancel your party at any time you will forfit your deposit.   If you have a last-minute reschedule due to illness or other we will occomidate with a new date but you will be charged an additional party deposit for the new date.