Decisions, decisions....

With so many items to create you’ll never paint the same thing twice!

Walk in Anytime to Create!

Anytime we are open you can make paint-your-own pottery, glass fusing, candle making and soap making.  No appointment is needed. Come in anytime and create.

Pottery Painting

Paint your own Pottery

WALK IN ANYTIME and choose from the finest selections of pre-fired ceramics.  With over 200 items on our shelves we guarantee you will find your own unique piece to paint including home goods, mugs and cups, platters, plates and bowls, chargers, and figurines. Have a pet at home? Yeah, we’ve even have fun pet goods too!

Candle Making

Candle making

Mmmm… CAN YOU SMELL THE GOODNESS?! Build yourself a creative candle that towers over those silly candle store candles! You will be able to hand-craft your very own glass jar or tin mold pillar candles. Add color from our wide variety of color shapes, then pick from a wide variety of candle scents including some seasonal varieties. We add the hot wax and presto!

Glass Fusing

COME IN NOW and create beautiful plates, bowls, candy dishes, plates, trivets, ornaments, and other home goods all out of glass! Use our existing supply of our pre-cut glass or go all-out at the glass cutting table. Nip, cut, and clip your way to your masterpeice. Then have it travel through a series of long soaks in our kiln until it is shaped and slumped into your beautiful work of art!

Soap Making

Walk in today and make fun-shaped soap bars that you can use in your tub! It’s all the fun of working with clay, just not as messy. Use soap cutters, shapes and embeds to design your own creation. Use the soap confetti and soap spaghetti to give your creations a whimsical look. Pick a scent and we add it to the warm soap. Let it cool and take it home to use!

The Paint-Your-Own Pottery Basics


How it works - Meet the staff

Come on in!

Be greeted by a team member who will guide you through the paint-your-own pottery process, glass fusing or our very own pillar candle making.  We are here to help!


how it works customer

Pick your piece!

Pick an item from our giant ceramic selection, head over to our paint bar and grab your colors, then stay as long as you need to make it your very own one-of-a-kind creation!


how it works final product mug

We fire it up!

When you are finished you leave it with us for a complete glaze and kiln-firing which will last 5 to 7 days.  Your piece will come back super-shiny and food-safe too!

Its Just So Easy to do!

The Pottery Factory is where you can spend a few hours of creative fun in a warm, cozy environment.  You can join your friends or family creating beautiful mugs, plates, and home goods from our giant ceramic selection or move up to more challenging designs with glass fusing. Want to try something different?  Make a pillar candle!  Take it home the same day and let if fill your house with the warm scent of your choice.

Canvas painting?  Mosaics?  Wine glass painting?  Story time?  Clay hand building?  Yeah, we have all of that too on our calendar of events.

We are your cozy destination for everything crafty!


The Pottery Factory

Store Hours

Today10:00 AM-6:00 PM
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